Suni e.V. meets Lena Werner (MdB)

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Suni e.V. has been politically active for years trying to strengthen German-Namibian cooperation.

Barbara Scharfbillig und Lena Werner (MdB)

In February Barbara Scharfbillig met with the member of the German parliament (Bundestag) Lena Werner. Barbara informed her about Suni e.V. and its projects in Germany and Namibia. Lena Werner emphasized how much she appreciates the commitment of Suni e.V. and thanked all the volunteers of Suni e.V. “In the future we want to network better.”, Barbara Scharfbillig reported after the meeting. “Political decisions in Germany have a direct impact on our work and it is therefore important that we contribute to shaping the German-Namibian future.”